Week 15

Along with semester in this course the digital fundamental I have been introduced to three unique software , which I found very helpful especially Dream waver ,which was my first attempt to create a website

I believe that course should be introduced to all the programs in my school because its very helpful coping with the technology now days and gives us a brief note about the market demands and what the artist out side of the school walls are doing. Especially the nice  package for Photoshop and illustrator and Dream waver that gives you all the tools you need to build a very good portfolio and a sold one

In Photoshop I have learned how to apply non destructive changes to my art work and applying masks and vector masks were a great step in Photoshop to encounter. In Illustrator I have learned how to design my own brushes and use them and how to design in Ai and export it to Ps to apply by coloring and rendering even thou I have learned how to render in Ai and its very clean and neat .

Drawing self portraits were one of most exciting things I have done in this course by Ai and Ps and I learned the difference between rendering in Ps and Ai and that they are different and how Ps depends on pixels and Ai depends on vectors .

Dream waver was my first experience with it . First it was a big frustration and confusion with all of these codes and numbers and symbols, but later on it all made sense and i actually find it one of the most important software I have came across to put your self out there and gain experience.

Photoshop was the one that i had more fun with it and i think it would be the most program ill be using in the future because for me it would be the first step in any design either if i want to export it to illustration to add some tweaks for my work or by linking it to dream waver to put out there for everyone. I think car drawing would be fun with Ps especially after I was introduced to the wacom tablet which turned out to be an addiction later i started using it in everything when i open Ps or Ai


week 14

Automotive Design is a very exciting art to get in to it . learning how to draw a car with the right proportion starting with the side view ,which is the very simple way to learn how to sketch cars to detailing and rendering a car in 3d , can be very fun for those who love cars
I encourage everyone who love cars to take some automotive designing classes at any school , he might be steps away from his dream career and he doesn’t know. Its very exciting and fun to turn something u love to a future career.
Drawing cars is not only drawing the car with wheels and dlos it starts with artistic and analytical observation for the surroundings. Learning how to illustrate any thing in nature on paper helps a lot in understanding and thinking proportionally correct .
For me before I sit down and start sketching cars I have to warm up by drawing random circles and lines on my sketch book and I have been trying this technique recently and it was very helpful which is trying to strike the same lines I draw over and over again . It makes me understand my paper borders and my limits in it .
Drawing in ink not graphite and anything that u can erase is very important because it gives u confident and force you to tremble in less errors while sketching. another practice I do is to sit outside any coffee shop in downtown and start sketching what I’m seeing in front of me no matter what I like or not will make you understand that sometime the market force any designer to work on small budget things and more handy to the consumers
Stetting up a fixed time to sketch a certain amount for example a mid engine side views cars in 20 min gives the efficiency and the quantity which is number one in demand skill out in the market . Getting into the 3d programs is very important and  I mean by this Alias which is a 3d automotive software that is highly on demand in the big automotive companies if you want to get a job there

Week 13

The images I choose to put in my gallery resembles the different fields I worked at . Starting with my experience in the interior and steel structure I posted three pictures that reflects my architecture background. I posted a digital rendered one in 3D max and another one by prisma color that i did this semester for a birdhouse project about the purple martin birds. I added also some figure drawing of i took at a foundation drawing class and was my first attempt to draw a human being and it turned out to be not very bad as I thought it would be. basically they resemble a timeline to my work for the past 4 years till the time being.

I’m really excited about my site coming together never thought it would be that fun especially when you are done with it and look at it and see the links working. I’m really liking it because everything now is coming together and im understanding every code that I punch in and put it that it has a reflecting meaning and a designing space. I felt really productive and creative after i was done with this week assignment even though it was a hell of a week full of tons of illustrator and dream waver. I really felt the last sentence in on the blackboard for this week  ”  Now open your gallery page in the web browser and be happy!” because last week for some reason it was not working fine .







Week 12

My logo reflects an automotive design activity . Its a front of a car i tried to make it a little bit abstract and on the right corner a steering wheel . All of that reflects what Ill be doing for living in my future after i graduate from the transportation program I’m enrolled in.

I started to overcome my fear for Dreamweaver and everything started to be more  clear and make sense. I got used to use the code to design my web page and its all flowing easily at inserting images and files to my web . I found attaching files and images very helpful and comes in handy.

Ill be using this photo. I think it will reflects a nice vector portrait as all my face characteristics are showing very clear. I can make nice contrast with less colors in this picture which is a big thing in the vector portraits as it helps to bring out the features of the image nicely and clear.

I’ll be using Shepard Fairey’s work as an inspiration his work is very nice and tempting to start working on my vector portrait right away. But ill try to stay away from the complication he has in his work as he is at a very high professional level and im just getting started. I’ll be using simplicity as much as i can to show out all the detail and apply all the comparison and contrast in the colors present in this picture

Week 11

My projected changed a lot from what I started with and what I ended up to . I went from outline graphite lines to a nice composition after I applied my non destructive tool that I have learned along with this course.I piked my favorite super hero who is Super-Man. Super Man was my childhood i remember i used to watch and read his comics every night. He reflects in me the standing next to justice and fighting crime which I wanted to be doing for living as a cop but i ended up being a designer which I love by the way

The 6 pieces that i picked are considered some of my best work so far.

The first two reflects my architecture back ground as I spent 4 years studying steel structure and interior design before i decided i want to draw cars which i love by the way. They were my last and best architecture design as it reflects in them a nice harmony with the material used and the way they are put together to show their unity

The third and the forth and for my steal life drawing. I used pastel in them and it was my first time to approach pastel was fun and nice experience. i kinda struggled in the begin because it was first attempt to draw a human being and get his proportions all right

The fifth and the sixth foundation drawing class and i used charcoal in one of them and the other I used prisma  color. In both of them its clear that my architecture knowledge is taking over even that one of them is a bird house and I gave it the Greek style  and roman design.



Week 10

I can see my art powers going up every week especially back and forth from photoshop and illustartor to dream waver. I think I have the abillity to manipulate all these software to come up with a good composition. Im trying to change the world by first starting by my self if everyone started by him self the world will be a better place

the challanges im facing is to change the surrounding environment to have the whole think syinc naturally together

Ill be making some changes to my work to add some modification to give my art unity and good harmony

Week 9

This week was my first one to encounter Dreamweaver . First it was such a frustrating experience and I didnt understand what was going on and what are all of these codes that Im punching  it in   . Later it all fall together and made sense i understood how these codes work and what they refer to and i started liking it. I like the idea how I can mange to use Photoshop and later Illustrator with correlation with each other with a software like Dreamweaver.

The website that inspired me is “http://www.bmwism.com/bmws_designers.htm” what I liked about this website is how its simple and straight to the point with out any complications. When i first came across this site i found that i scrolled all the way to the end of the page even though it is a very long one .

I’m trying to establish 1.stability 2. elagance 3.simplacity

these three words ill use to describe my site as its a transportation designe site that should reflect these three characters in it that what people whant to see when they look at cars . I also tried to have it clear in the way i picked my font its bold clear and crisp and the back ground was mostly blue to reflect sipmlicity and clearness

Week 8

These are some work of Lada Alekeseyehuk a Ukrainian collage artist who makes her work on a large scale up to 12ft*120fT

These collages resonates with how i tried to make my collage more abstract and have the same harmony with different items and how the blending processes came  out to have the same features

I like them because they shows diffrent ideas as one thing and presenting it in a harmonious way to give it one whole unite she gathered a lot of not related items and some how she blended them together to build one big abstract structure like this big ship which if u took a closer look about what its made   of its different not related little structures like wheels and coulombs and cloths  but the final figure is one structure having a bold features .

They influenced my work by how abstract they look and i tried to make all the layers pallet blend in together and have the same rhythm.gathered as much images as i could and changed their scale and opacity made me have a better idea on how to make them stay as one unit thoroughgoing in the appropriate color choice and repetition with the perfect balance

week 7 future tools

Accordingly to my field of study which is transportation design I think ill be using both of illustrator and Photoshop in my work to give them the professional digital rendering touch . Ill be using the pen tool a lot in illustrator to setup my primitive and  put my design together and giving it some sort of unity by playing around with the anchor points and how i can adjust and customize them to make my design look more dynamic and harmonious .After doing this ill be using the Photoshop playing with the brushes and render my design the way i want it . Ill be using the wacom tablet because after i was introduced to this tool its hard to let go of it . Throwing in some filters to with changing the opacity and the strokes of my layers with applying masks and clipping masks would make my work look professional later on


week 7 wacom experince

Working with the wacom tablet gave me a big experience with digital rendering and how it works . I guess it would be my magic stick when i graduate. Everything that has to look professional wither it was a presentation or a portfolio has to be digitized or digital rendered . The wacom made me realize how the Photoshop is a powerful software and can do magic and combining Photoshop and illustrator i think i have put my step on the right track of the professionalism path .

After i was done i felt kinda like a pro it was a good feeling . My only problem was to adjust to these many brushes and pick up which one is the best for what i want to do and the affect i want to give so i had to experiment all of them to find out . It also require a high coordination between the eyes and the hand while looking at the screen

.It turned out as i wanted it to be i was trying to give animated features  on my portrait which turned out to be good . Extra time would have been more helpful because this kinda work require a lot of practice and repetition